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Hello, every player interested in the game Death Escape. My name is David Zhang. The developer of this game. I self studied game development just for fun and finally I get my first game coming to be published on Steam. I find myself passionate about game development and also I love sharing my thoughts and make them a game with people from all over the world. I just want to thank everyone who looked at my game page and everyone who supports indie games.

I am a big fan of escape room style games and also horror survival games. My passion is to let players completely enjoy the tense atmosphere and the beauty of creepy arts. The idea of this game is inspired by an unforgettable nightmare in my childhood.

The demo of the game is available now and it contains a whole tense and fantastic experience that you can enjoy. Please leave any thoughts and feedbacks about the game on comments, send email to me, or subscribe my YouTube channel.

Please enjoy the demo and report any bugs, share your thoughts with me. Cheers!

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